SJN Award Winners for Quarter 3!

On March 11 at All School Mass, the SJN Awards for Third Quarter were presented. 🏅 The SJN Award is presented quarterly to students in Grades 1-8 who exemplify the teachings of Jesus. The recipients should place the needs of others before their own, be kind, helpful, compassionate, humble, respectful, and honest. They must also demonstrate responsible behavior and exhibit exemplary class citizenship. In addition, they must exemplify attributes of our LEAD program: Live Responsibly, Exhibit Safety, Act Respectfully, and Display Kindness.
Congratulations to our 3nd Quarter SJN Award Recipients!
1H: Liam Mulgrew and Luciana Ruiz
1R: Andrea Ramos and Flynn Walsh
2D: Gavin Massey-Brown and June Wade
2S: Vaughn Dill and Aveleen Shirley
3R: Eli Anderson and Addison Rothrock
3V: Laura Caldwell and Will Chandler
4M: Violet Grover and Pietro Letizia
4S: Will Johnson and Madeline Talley
5th: Madeleine Chandler, Easton Halter, Elena Lemmons and Christopher Shirley
6th: Chloe Arciga-Cano, Joe Hamling, Nana Poku and Manuel Urquiza
7th: Henry Fathy, Desden LaFasto, Grayson Madera, and Bridget Stempkowski
8th: Thomas Farmer, Anna Iverson, Azul Rubio-Correa and Caleb Wilburn
We are so proud of you!

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