The SJNCS Art Department

“Religion and art spring from the same root and are close kin.” – Willa Cather
For all grades, the core of the lessons and projects undertaken are the seven elements and principles of art. These inform how artwork is both created and viewed, so these are the building blocks of both our lessons and projects. In addition, a passion for creative expression is encouraged, to both assist students in their artistic journey while in school, and to prepare students for a future after education where the ability to express their own viewpoint will be an essential part of life. Students are introduced to several different materials and mediums that they will experiment with, whether in their sketchbook, in a group collaboration, or in a finished art piece. In addition, art history is integrated into class time to open students to new perspectives and viewpoints, as well as offer context on current art trends and ongoing projects.
All students (PreK-8) come to art once a week. Some examples of grade level projects include: 5th grade learns about the history and process of crafting medieval texts like the Book of Kells to create their own illuminated manuscript page. 6th grade uses the concept of repetition and assemblage to create intricate papercraft sculptures. 7th grade creates a handmade zine of their own design that they then copy and distribute throughout the school. 8th grade creates personal crosses using sheet copper in a carving/tooling process integrating Christian symbols and themes to show their faith journey.
Last year was our inaugural Student Art Showcase, which showcased over 100 artworks in a variety of mediums and sizes from all grades at SJNCS. We look forward to our second showcase later this school year.

Meet Our Art Teacher

Mrs. Elizabeth Hinds, or Miss Elizabeth as her students call her, has been teaching art in Knoxville for over half a dozen years. This is her fourth year at St. John Neumann. She brings her experience in various artistic fields to the students at SJNCS. Her mission is to spread a joy of art as a creative outlet and tool for expression, as well as make sure all students experience a huge variety of artistic materials, tools, and techniques, from inks and watercolor to paper craft and ceramics.
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