Library Media Center

The school library is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the mission of Saint John Neumann Catholic School while providing a wide range of learning resources to encourage a lifetime of learning and reading for pleasure.

The library is home to thousands of books, audio-visual items and professional books and materials. It is divided into a primary grade instructional area and an elementary/middle school area so that students and staff can utilize the whole library throughout the day.

The library has 4 computers to search the library collection and provide Internet access to approved sites. Students can take Accelerated Reader tests and access other computer programs on the library’s computers. The library uses Destiny as our library search software, which is internet-based and can be accessed through a wide variety of technology anywhere and at any time.

We have a wide range of books to choose from, however, we understand not every book will suit every reader. The individual reader is responsible for selecting books that appeal to them, and we encourage parents and caregivers to be involved.

Pre-Kindergarten through grade four have a scheduled library time each week and all grades Kindergarten through grade eight have open access throughout the day to exchange books, do research, and take Accelerated Reader tests. 


The goals of the library program for the students are: to develop enthusiasm for the Library-Media Center’s resources; to read for enjoyment and to gain information; to use Accelerated Reader as an added incentive for students to read a variety of books and develop comprehension skills; to help students understand the routine and the responsibility of borrowing and returning library books; to teach library skills so that students can use the library catalog and reference materials; and to introduce and reinforce technology skills at each child’s level so that students are able to independently use school and public libraries.


Each year the library is host to a Book Fair. The school is also a partner with Knox County and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Students also participate each summer in a school-wide summer reading program.  


Mallory Nygard serves as our Director of Library and Information Services. Ms. Nygard earned her Masters of Library Sciences from Indiana University and her B.A. in English from the Catholic University of America. 


In addition to sharing her love of stories, Ms. Nygard also teaches a Creative Writing class for 5th-8th graders wherein students are introduced to a variety of genres, writing styles and techniques, and healthy habits of creative expression. 


Her professional outlook is foundational for her librarianship and teaching – she writes, “I believe that the library is a unique, central place where students can meet Christ in the literature and technology around them in a way that complements and expands upon their classroom experiences.”

Grade Level Goals in the Library

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten – Share stories and explain that Library materials are in a special order; listen and respond to the sights and sounds of storytelling; practice good listening skills; gain favorite books, characters, and authors.

1st grade – A story each week plus explanation of non-fiction vs. fiction; nursery rhymes; poetry; recognize library search computers; explain reference; explain author, title, publisher; discuss print vs. non-print; explain true vs. non-true; identify parts of a book.

2nd grade – Introduce library search computers; explain reference section; review fiction and non-fiction; discuss periodicals; introduce chapter books; a story most weeks pertinent to the holiday or curriculum being studied.

3rd grade – Students should be able to distinguish fiction from non-fiction; recognize Caldecott Award Winners, outstanding authors and illustrators; recognize biography, folktales and fairy tales; identify parts of a book; go into greater detail regarding library search computers and Dewey Decimal System; review reference collection; listen to a stories pertinent to holiday or curriculum being studied.

4th grade – Students should be able to locate a book using its call number; understand the purpose of the Dewey Decimal System and be acquainted with the ten main subdivisions; can begin to locate information in reference sources; introduce the use of periodicals; recognize and enjoy Newbery Award Winners, listen to stories told when pertinent to holiday or curriculum being studied.

5th through 8th grades – Continue using all of the skills listed above as independent library users and branch out reading all types of literature genre for information and enjoyment.

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