School Advisory Board

Purpose and Function

The Saint John Neumann Catholic School Advisory Board is established by the pastor and principal. The Advisory Board shall serve as an advisory body to the pastor or his representative and the principal of Saint John Neumann Catholic School and it exists to serve as an advocate and supporter of SJNCS. The Advisory Board exists to serve the immediate and long-term strategic needs and priorities of SJNCS. The members of the Advisory Board should be a community of discernment and lead the school community in virtue and fruitfulness. They should be sensitive to the nature of the school as a Catholic community.  They should foster unity in the school community, encourage full participation of parents, teachers, parishioners, neighboring parishes, and the communities of greater Farragut.


Advisory Board Bylaws (revised and updated Oct 2023)

Board Members

Hiram Morales, Chair

My name is Hiram M. Morales and I’m currently the Chairperson for SJNCS Advisory Board. My wife and I have 4 children at SJNCS: Jessica in 6th grade, Daniel in 4th grade, Emily in 3rd grade, and David in Pre-K. Our kids have been in the Diocese of Knoxville Catholic Schools since 2017. We have been a part of St John Neumann since Fall of 2022. I wanted to be a part of the SJNCS Advisory Board to foster unity and serve the school community.

Alex LaFasto, Vice-Chair

Bio coming soon….

Jennifer Dzermejko, PTMO President

I have 2 kids at SJN, Eddie & Savannah. This is our 3rd year at SJNCS.  You can reach me at  I wanted to be a part of the board to help build a bridge between parents, as PTMO President, and the administrators that keep our school running smoothly.

Steve Eckstein, Faculty Representative

My name is Steven Eckstein and I am serving on the advisory board as the faculty representative.  I am currently teaching fifth and sixth grade Social Studies, and sixth grade religion.  I have previously taught various subjects from fourth grade to seventh.  This is my 11th year at Saint John Neumann and 22nd year teaching.  I have worked at various public and private schools in New York, Florida, and Tennessee.  I am happy to call Saint John Neumann my home and am willing to serve it in whatever capacity necessary.

Jenny Hay

Jennifer Hay is a mechanical engineer and freelance writer.  Her children include a KCHS graduate, two SJN graduates, a third grader, and a first grader.  She accepted the invitation to be on the SJN Advisory Board, because she believes that good Catholic schools remain the best means for evangelizing the world.  She can be reached at

Taylor Locke

Bio coming soon….

Jessica Louthan

My name is Jessica Louthan and I have two daughters, Briar Rose (4th grade) and Belle (1st grade).  This is our 2nd year at SJNCS, we started August 2022. I can be reached at As a parent at SJNCS, my goal in joining the Advisory Board is to actively contribute to the school’s community and support its mission. I aim to provide insights, collaborate on decisions, and help create an enriching environment for all students, aligning with the values and teachings of the Catholic faith.

William Silverberg

My name is William Silverberg. I have been a parent and parishioner at SJN for three years. My wife and I have two beautiful daughters at SJNCS: 3rd grade & Pre-K. My daughters, like all the children at SJN are gifts on loan from the Lord. I accepted the invitation to the Advisory Board in service to them. I have come to know great strength and peace from my Catholic education and I sincerely pray the students of SJN, parents and parishioners come to know the same. I believe the pursuit of the Lord is very much alive in both the school and parish, and I want to aid the children in that pursuit.

Ex-Officio Members:

Kelly Mechelke, Principal

Fr. Joe Reed, Pastor  

Sabrina Talley, Academic Dean

Mary Marlowe, Director of Admissions

Patrick Wade, Director of Development

Stephanie Greiner, Director of Communications

Christine Roeck, Director of Account Services


Meetings will occur on Nov 16, Dec 14, Jan 18, Feb 15, March 21, April 18, May 16, and June 20. 

Non-members, visitor(s), etc., may address the Advisory Board with permission of the pastor, principal, and chair. A written petition setting forth the matter being addressed should be submitted to the principal and/or chair seven (7) days prior to the meetingThe non-members shall have a maximum of five (5) minutes to speak to the Advisory Board, exclusive of member questionsAdditional time may be allotted by the Advisory Board when needed. 

Meeting Minutes:

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