Elementary School

Elementary schools build a strong foundation for learning throughout a student’s life. Backed by our mission, our purpose is to teach our children to live the message of the Gospel, treating others as Christ would. Students in intermediate grades apply the basic skills they have previously learned as the content areas become more in-depth. The students are now reading to learn as opposed to learning to read. More emphasis is placed on the learner’s responsibility for himself or herself, spiritually, academically, and personally.

What We're Learning


Our faith is incorporated throughout all aspects of a typical school day. Encouraging students to nurture their individual excellence by embracing who God has called them to be is part of our mission. Students participate in Mass twice a week serving as readers and gift bearers. In addition, religion is taught five days a week through the Image of God series.


Children receive a balanced curriculum that promotes conceptual, computational, and problem-solving efficiency. Math in Focus is used to assist teachers with instruction. Mountain Math is a daily spiral review used to promote retention and mastery of skills.

Social Studies

The five areas of study include culture, economics, geography, governance/civics and history. Students are engaged in learning about the world around them. HMH Kids Discover Social Studies connects students to the world and prepares them to
become contributing members of our society. Students are immersed in engaging content through inquiry-based learning.


Superkids is a comprehensive core literacy curriculum integrating reading, writing, spelling and grammar. Using a systematic phonics approach, kindergarten students are introduced to a new “Superkid” each unit. The “Superkid” characters continue in first and second grade as the level of skills advance. In third and fourth grades, we use the reading series Journeys as well as trade books to provide a comprehensive approach to the study of literature and vocabulary development. Daily language practice focuses on grammar and mechanics.


Based on scientific inquiry, the science curriculum focuses on earth, life, and physical science. We use Exploring Science to support our science curriculum in K-2; we use Inspire Science to support our science curriculum in grades 3-4.

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