SJNCS Students Present a Check to Members of the SJN St. Vincent de Paul Ministry

In March, during Catholic Schools Week, SJN Catholic School students competed in a fundraiser, raising $2,500 for the SJN St. Vincent de Paul ministry. Richard Tabler, SVDP President said of the donation, “We want to thank the students for their generous gift and for their kindness to the people we serve through our parish ministry.”

(Pictured left to right: Fr. Joe (Pastor), Sabrina Talley (SJNCS Academic Dean), Sofia Lamsen (SJNCS student), Chase Surlas (SJNCS student), Joe Tarantino (SVDP Treasurer), Joanne Perkins Behnke (SVDP member), and
Richard Tabler (SJN SVDP President).)

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