Quarter 2 Southeast Bank Principal’s List Recipients

A Peer Recognition Assembly was held last week for middle school students. In each subject area, students with outstanding performance during the second quarter were recognized by their teachers and their peers. Outstanding performance is based on academic achievement, participation and effort.

Congratulations to all students who received these awards!
Students who achieved High Honors (All As) and Honors (All As & Bs) for the second quarter also received recognition. Additionally, special recognition was given to students who achieved the SouthEast Bank Principal’s Award *, one of the most prestigious awards given each quarter. The following is a list of the middle school students with the highest grade point average for the second quarter.
Principal’s List Quarter 3
Grades 5 & 6:
Miranda K., Courtney I., Lily E., Madeline T., Cooper L., Pietro L., Emma C., Madie P., Bella R., Olive C.
Grades 7 & 8:
AJ S., Brady R., Molly F., Bridget S., Reagan M., Manuel U., Eliana B., Eli D., Jesse D., Gabe M.
Congratulations, Mustangs!
*In recognition of SouthEast Bank‘s generous support of SJNCS academic programs.

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