Calendar Sales Raffle for Tuition Assistance

Last year, Catholic families in the Knoxville area demonstrated a need for $2.4 million in tuition assistance. However, the tuition assistance fund could provide just $1.6 million in aid. So, how can we close that gap, continue to welcome all families, hire quality teachers and build our Catholic schools? The raffle, in the form of a daily prize calendar, will support the tuition assistance fund and the schools and parishes that help sell the calendars.

With $50,000 in prize money donated by calendar sponsors and 365 chances to win up to $500, the calendars will be mailed out in early December, which makes them a great Christmas gift. And, with a purchase price of $36.50, (the cost of only 10 cents per day or three calendars for $100), you can be assured that your sales are supporting the development of our Catholic school students as Scholars, Leaders, and Saints! Beyond all that, the calendar is also a functional resource for families, with important feast days and school and national holidays included.

The 2018 Catholic Schools Calendar Sale provided more than $260,000 in tuition support to our Catholic school students.

As of early November, SJNCS has sold only ten calendars, putting us in fourth place in the Diocese. Complete your order forms or order online at

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