Quarter 2 Outstanding Performance in Academics

We’re excited to recognize students with academic achievement for Quarter Two! In each core subject area, outstanding performance is based on academic achievement, participation and effort. πŸ†
The following students earned Outstanding Performance for Quarter Two:
πŸ’šFifth grade:
Math- Olivia B., Allison C., Steven H., Sam K., Mary Claire L., Addison R.
Religion- Stefy G., Eli A., RuthAnne T., Sam K., Steven H., Erin P.
English- Steven H., Easton L., Allison C., Kate L.
Literature- Steven H., Sam K., Isla F., Allison C., Charlotte M.
Social Studies- Valery S., Steven H., Stefy G., Olivia B., Sam K., Xander P.
Science- Sophia D., Valery S., Olivia B., Stefy G., RuthAnne T., Sam K.
🐎Sixth grade:
Math- Abram B., Olivia Kate M., Miranda K., Jack D., Edith L., Cooper L.
Religion- Lizzie J., Jessica M., Madeline T., Abram B., Olivia Kate M., Addison C.
English- Ana P., Madeline T., Courtney I., Addison C., Cooper L., Madilyn O.
Literature- Miranda K., Lizzie J., Ana P., Olivia Kate M., Hennessy M., Abram B.
Social Studies- Mason P., Lizzie J., Will J., Jessica M., Ana P., Jack D.
Science- Miranda K., Nico G., Ella C., Lizzie J., Will J., Jessica M.
πŸ’šSeventh grade:
Math- Brett P., Alan R., Bella D.
Religion- Caden H., Madie P., Bella R., Annie M., Allison D., Alan Ramos, Alena R.
English- Madie P., Bella R., Easton H., Morgan T., Genevieve D., Alena R., Thomas S., Santiago Z.
Literature- Olivia C., Adriana F., Madie P., Bella R., Kasey S., Nicole M., Addie N., Genevieve D.
Social Studies- Annie Moore, Madie Pagel, Brett Powell, Bella Domzalski
Science- Madie P., Bella R., Annie M., Alena R.
🐎Eighth Grade:
Math- Ivan C., Jack G., Joe H., Janie L., Lambros C., Chris H.
Religion- Celeste G., Reagan B., Reagan M., Chloe A., Joe H., Ryleigh M.
English- Eliana B., Reagan B.
Literature- Reagan M., Ryleigh M., Lambros C.
Social Studies- Eliana B., Francesco L., Lila G., Mary Clair N., Reagan B., Chris H., Lambros C., Riley H., Janie L.
Science- Gabe M., Reagan M., Riley H., Lambros C.
Students who achieved High Honors (All As) and Honors (All As & Bs) for the second quarter also receive recognition. πŸ… Their names are posted on our β€œStudent Success” bulletin board in the main hallway of the school. Congratulations, Mustangs! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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