Welcome to Middle School

Meet Ms. Fussaro

Ms. Fussaro is a proud Knoxville native who was born and raised here. She grew up attending schools in the Farragut community and is a 1994 graduate of Knoxville Catholic High School. While at KCHS, she loved softball, cheerleading, yearbook, and the swim team. She still attends football games supporting her Alma Mater and cheering on former students who now play for The Fighting Irish!
Ms. Fussaro graduated from Carson Newman University in 1999 and began a wonderful twenty-two year career as a private Christian school educator. She has enjoyed working with many grades over the years with a focus on primarily third and fourth grade as well as coaching for ten seasons with middle school volleyball and/or basketball.
Ms. Fussaro is excited to serve 7th and 8th graders at SJNCS by encouraging their Catholic faith, fostering a love of history, and sparking a desire to communicate effectively with knowledge gained in English grammar.
Ms. Fussaro has two girls, one who will attend UTC in the fall, and one who will be a freshman at Central High School. In her free time, she loves to be outside hiking, boating, or swimming. She also loves quality time with her girls and her border collie.

What We're Learning This Year

7th grade Social Studies

Course Description- The material covered in 7th grade Social Studies focuses on American History from the earliest civilization groups around 1500 AD up until the Reconstruction time period of 1860-1880.

Students will learn and display knowledge in topics of government, Citizenship, conflicts leading to war, establishment of a nation, westward expansion, presidential leadership from early American presidents, and the rebuilding efforts following the Civil War.

Students will display interest and additional knowledge through project weeks that will occur four times a year. These are projects completed at school by the student as a hands on way to demonstrate knowledge he or she has shown increased interest in while studying information in the classroom curriculum.  The seventh graders will not participate in National History Day for the 2021-2022 school year.

7th and 8th grade English

Course description: The material covered in both 7th and 8th grade English will focus on the proper usage of grammar concepts, terms, and applications to enhance the writing process. Students will utilize gained knowledge from grammar foundations to form well planned and written essays. In 7th grade the focus  will be on increased knowledge in correct grammar usage and the basic foundations of building an essay. This includes brainstorming, pre-writing, think/pair/share activities, outlines, rough drafts, written paper, editing /revising, and producing a final draft.  8th grade will review and expand on concepts learned in 7th grade and begin to approach less guidance from the teacher to more independent skills required to produce an essay.