Welcome to Middle School

Meet Mrs. Berlin

Mrs. Berlin has been a teacher at SJNCS since moving to Tennessee in 2014.  She may not have been born here, but she is adamant that Knoxville is her home. She has a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, a MS in Education, and an EdS in Educational Leadership. She has two daughters attending SJNCS. She and her husband are also foster parents for the state of Tennessee. She enjoys teaching Religion and ELA when at school, and relaxes through reading, watching movies, and walking her Great Dane, Gem, on weekends. She loves animals, and will excitedly tell you her eldest child is her Russian Tortoise, Ezma – which is why her classroom is decorated with turtles. Mrs. Berlin’s classroom is home to Toni, the middle school Curly Hair Tarantula. Toni allows for an up-close and personal (although hands-off) experience to demonstrate to students how awesome invertebrates are! Mrs. Berlin is active in her faith, and is very excited to be a part of the SJNCS middle school team!

What We're Learning This Year

5th grade Science

The students will continue to expand their knowledge on familiar topics in life, physical, and earth sciences with a STEM approach. The lessons will be more application oriented simulating how science and engineering are applied in real life. We will go deeper into topics as opposed to covering many topics on a surface level.

The resources for science include a Science Handbook and Be a Scientist Notebook. In the notebook, students will practice being real scientists and engineers by presenting creative solutions to real-world problems. There will be a heavy emphasis on active participation in labs and performance tasks.

5th/6th English

English class encompasses both writing and grammar. Specific areas of writing include descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive writing. Grammar areas of study include parts of speech, types of sentences, and subject-verb agreement.

Friday Folders come home each Friday. please check and clean out your child’s Friday Folder each week.