Welcome to Second Grade

Welcome to 2D at St. John Neumann Catholic School. Second grade is an exciting time for students as they are transitioning as the youngest in the school to the more elementary feel.

We are glad you are here!

Meet Ms. Dorman

I moved to Knoxville, July 1998, from New Mexico, where I served as a HighScope educator for first, second, and third graders in multiage, inclusive, and embedded culture/language classrooms on the checkerboard Navajo reservation. Later I received a grant from the Dept. of Ed. in D.C. and became an educational coach for High/Scope and then Engage Learning from 1999-2008.

I’ve had the great pleasure to work with first, second, and third graders at SJN for the past 20 years, alongside indispensable teacher assistants like Trish Russell and Linda Larson. I especially enjoy active, hands-on learning in all content areas, and the holy Sacraments. My class mascot is ‘Senor Coyote,’ a Folkmanis puppet that hails from the southwest. Theme days and field trips are so much fun; with the invaluable support of room moms and other parent volunteers whom we cannot do without. I’m honored to be a part of an honest, trustworthy, and talented faculty and staff, whose vocation is teaching and working at this Catholic school.

I am: a dog person with a mini Aussie named Macie Leigh, who takes me for long walks; and answer to “Aunt Kathey” for several amazing nieces, nephews, and even one great-niece. Mom and Auntie live close by, and I’m blessed with their good-natured company each week. An ardent fan of TCM and classic Britcoms, you can also find me reading, listening to all kinds of music, and whipping up veggie frittatas, rustic soda breads, and fruit salads (I adore organic produce). And what would I do without Amazon.com?

Second Grade at a Glance

  • Daily, integrated faith formation across subject areas
  • Mass 2x/week, Mass readings and gifts; faith retreats at school
  • Engaging, hands-on science and math activities, & social studies including:
  • Rocks & minerals, states of matter, magnets
  • Place value/computation, fractions, linear & capacity measurement
  • Maps & communities, ‘All About Tennessee,’ producers & consumers
  • Writing across content areas
  • Superkids language Arts Program
  • Weekly ‘Specials’ classes-  Art, P.E., Music, Spanish, Library, and Community Service

Faith Formation:
Feb  – SJN Sacrament of First Reconciliation
Apr – SJN Sacrament of First Eucharist

Friday Folders come home each Friday. please check and clean out your child’s Friday Folder each week.